Getting Hakpak for the first time

To get a hakpak from server, you will need an 'Update URL' for given hakpak. This is similar to having URL for downloading hakpak, but instead of pointing to specific ready-to-use hakpak (, it points to directory on server ( This is not important here - just get this string from server info and put it into clipboard (copy/paste) or write it down on paper. If you write it on paper, please watch out for small/capital letters - they ARE important.
When you have update URL, you need to give it to program. Please note, that you need separate url for each server. Even if many servers use same hakpak, you will probably need separate updateURL from each of them. This is not a problem bandwidth-wise, because all files will be downloaded only once, but will help if one of server owners will want to update some content specifically for his server.

After you press ok, name of server should appear in left box. Now, you have already informed program about new hakpak, rest of steps are same as in case of...

Updating existing hakpak

Now you should select this list element (NetTest in this example) and go into Hakpak menu and select 'Check hakpak'. Program will query server for latest version of hakpak. If there are some files missing from your cache (it is sure if you run program for the first time), you will see something like

Please note the Status field on top. It is 'OUTDATED', which means that you have to recreate pack, possibly downloading some files in the process. Lines above tell you how many files you need to download and how many bytes they take in sum. Below status tab, you see file listing tab. In this case, we have two files in hakpak (pakinfo.txt is metadata file, and it is not important for you now). They are magenta, which means they need to be downloaded. Possible colors are

Now, you need to go back to 'Hakpak' menu, this time selecting 'Update Hakpak' menu item. This will start download and later pack your hakpak. Progress bar on the left will show you how much of this hakpak is downloaded.

As you can see on the picture, c_mum_com_torso.tga is almost fully downloaded, pakinfo.txt is already downloaded and tdc01_copper00.tga has a lot to go. Good news is that you need to download given file only once - if it is later used in any other hakpak, it will be taken from cache. MD5 column you see to right is hashcode of file, which helps to differentiate between files with same name. There is a chance for collision of course - but chance of meteor destroying entire earth is a lot bigger, billions times bigger... So do not worry about it.

Status of hakpak has changed to 'DOWNLOADING'. Possible states are
When status will change to PACKING progress bar will appear once again, this time showing percentage of hak file creation in nwn directory. It can take from milliseconds for small hakpaks, up to 10-30s for large hakpaks (for example, 80MB hakpak with 138 files take up 12s on my system, while 10MB one with 2700 files take between 15-30 seconds - number of files bog down the system more than size of them).
After that, status should change to 'UP TO DATE' and you can play the game now (BTW, there is a shortcut for launching NWN, in Application menu).

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