How do I run Hak Updater ?

To run this program, you will need java runtime environment (JRE) version 1.4.0 or later. It can be downloaded from - there should be a button on right side leading directly to download section for your system. Then just download jar file from download section to your desktop and doubleclick on it. It should work out of the box.

If there are any problems, please do the following:
Please copy jar file you downloaded to c:\hakupdater.jar
Go to Start menu, select Run...
Write 'cmd' and press enter - black window should appear.
Write 'c:' and press enter
Write 'cd \' and press enter
Write 'dir hakupdater.jar' and press enter - you should see directory listing with this file preset. If you do not see hakupdater.jar, please doublecheck if it is present in c:\ directory and is named hakupdater.jar
Write 'java -jar hakupdater.jar' and press enter.
If application does not run, please copy anything which appeared as an output and send to me, together with output which you will get from 'java -version'. Be sure that 'java -version' returns 1.4.0 or later - if you see MS 1.1.4, they you have not installed JRE correctly, maybe reboot will help.

I plan to use WebStart for this application - this would mean that code is updated automatically each time new version appears, but for now I have some problems with that.

You can contact me at

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