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What if I want to switch modules and they have different hakpaks

This is a bit tricky, but if you will understand it, it will make perfect sense.
You create and test two hakpaks separately. UpdateURL should be different for each hakpak, InfoURL should be the same - it is info about your server. Now, you upload both hakdirs to correct places on web server (ones which are in their pakinfo files). Switching current hakpak is as easy as putting correct pakinfo.txt at InfoURL - people will update to correct hakpak when they will check for updates. Do not worry about this switch - even if they have choosen single hak pak mode, all cost is few seconds of repacking before run, all downloaded data will be preserved in cache.

Example: You want to have two hakpaks, one called MyHak and second KahYm. You have your server at You should create these two hakpaks normally, and set variables in MyHak:

and in KahYm:

All data, include pakinfo.txt should be copied to correct directories on server. Please note that these pakinfos will probably differ with not only UpdateURL, but also hakname, hak description, maybe even server description. Now if you want to use MyHak, copy MyHak/pakinfo.txt to Current/pakinfo.txt. If you want to use KahYm, copy KahYm/pakinfo.txt to Current/pakinfo.txt. That's all, if you will not change contents of hakpaks, you do not have to do anything more.

Of course you can scale it to any number of hakpaks. Important part is that, unless you use LibraryURL, you cannot share files between update directories. Even if hakpaks have same content, it has to be duplicated in every directory. This is because there is a requirement that paklist.txt has to be in same directory as rest of content. If this will prove to be a big problem, I can change it in future, but this will add another layer of complication, plus you will not be able to use different versions of file with same name for different hakpaks. If you really want to have big number of hakpaks, LibraryURL is probably an answer for you - you can set up cache library yourself (see Library Setup tutorial).

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