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HakUpdater frozen

18th April, 2003

As you have probably noted, I have not updated site for last few months. Due to multiple hakpak support, HakUpdater is not really needed anymore - you can work around most problems without it.

HakUpdater 0.9.7 Released

3rd December, 2002

Please look at the left bar for download link. Here is a changelog:

Bug fixes:
  • lowercase name of extensions when generate listing of files; HakUpdater works only with lowercase versions, so it will be automatically converted
  • "multi word labels" are now handled correctly in 2da preview
  • files with extensions are now ignored when generating listing (instead of throwing exception)
  • subdirectories in hakdir are supported now (but if you use them, clients have to use HakUpdater 0.9.7+)
  • ability to absorb contents of zip files
  • added prepare override action, to get everything to right state without actually launching NWN
  • added DownloadLimit property to change maximum number of simultaneous downloads from single server
  • changed number of download threads back to 4 and minimal wait down to 0.2s (hopefully, DownloadLimit will be enough to keep windows server happy)
  • added color legend for file table as tooltip
  • gzipped contents for hakdir some/dir/ are now generated to some/dir.gzipped/ instead of some/dir/gzipped/
  • there is no longer separate paklist.txt for media dir (all subdirs are now handled in main paklist)

NWN Patch 1.27 available

3rd December, 2002

Please use autoupdate or download it from
There is a lot of changes - too numerous to list them here, but I think that most important one is a new Plot Wizard - should be a real lifesaver for all script-challenged people out there and a helpful tool for others.

NWN Patch 1.26 available

15th October, 2002

Please use autoupdate or download it from
Here are the patch contents:

Neverwinter Nights Game
  • Fixed the AC application bug where AC changes through spells and feats weren't being applied, but were being removed. Please note: Stoneskin and Greater Stoneskin are not supposed to change your AC.
  • Fixed a crash using Direct Connect on LAN server page.
  • Fixed a GameSpy chat crash
  • Double-clicking in chat once again will start sending a private message.
  • Supressed a To Hit roll when casting healing spells. This To Hit roll was only for using healing to attack hostile undead.
  • Changed default chat mode to Talk.
  • Made a fix for barter panel text - some of it was not being clipped properly.
  • Fixed the history page so it will show servers on same IPs but different ports.
  • Fixed an issue with the save game screen and NWN module names not showing up as translated.
  • Fixed the player list multiple selection bug.
  • Fixed it so that campaign hints do not show up in user created modules.
  • Direct connecting as a DM now properly prompts for the DM password. The text was missing before.
  • Changed the default sort column on the Buddy List to server name instead of player name. This just looks better as it packs all offline servers together.
  • Fixed an display issue with connecting to a server loaded from a save game and displaying the wrong character information.
  • Made a fix to DecrementRemainingFeatUses() - You must have at least one feat use remaining to be able to decrement it.

Standalone script compiler

13th October, 2002

Torlack has released standalone script compiler and decompiler. It is umpteen times faster than one contained in toolkit and what is most important, it allows to compile everything outside toolkit - thus enabling building of entire module without starting up this slow beast at all. It is command line based and if you do not know what a command line is, stick with toolkit. But for power users it should be really handy tool.

Web site redesign

13th October, 2002

As you have probably seen already, I've done small web site redesign. There are few reasons for that. Most important is that previous web site was done for Model Viewer, while currently most interest is generated by HakUpdater. Some people where puzzled by 'about' page, which was describing model viewer, I was also afraid to put more content here to avoid more confusion. Now, with clear separation between projects, I hope that web site should be more usable.
If you will see any broken links, or anything is unreadable under some browser, please tell me. At the moment I'm still working on some parts - so if menu item on the left leads you back into main index.php page, it just means it is not done yet.

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