Hak Update tool help

For news concerning this tool, please check out http://nwn-j3d.sf.net
For bugs/forum, look into http://sf.net/projects/nwn-j3d
For latest download, see http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=51061

IMPORTANT NOTE !!! Please back up all your hakpaks before running this tool. They WILL be overwritten and in case of problems you will have to redownload/recreate them again.

Said that, hopefully, nothing should be wrong, but one can never be sure - so before you will make sure you know how to handle everything, backup.


  1. Are you a java newbie wondering how to run this program at all ?
  2. Are you a player looking to update your hakpaks ?
  3. Are you a server owner, wanting to set up autoupdate functionality?
  4. Do you want to check out more advanced functionality of program ?
  5. There are few solutions/scenarios for non-standard usage of program.

You can contact me at abies@pg.gda.pl

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